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‘I have had a terrible time with toothache caused by an infection and have applied clove oil as my mum suggested but while it helps for a short time it has burnt my surrounding gum and made a right mess’ Elliott, Hawarden



I feel your pain as I too have suffered from an infected root canal! You need to visit the emergency dentist who will prescribe a seven-day course of antibiotics which will gradually kill the infection allowing the dentist to then deal with the problem. In the meantime take painkillers, I recommend Solpadol and you can also buy an over the counter product called ‘Orajel’ ensuring you choose the variety that has 20% Benzocaine in it. This immediately numbs the area and you will be able to cope until seeing the dentist.



I took my child to A&E at the Wrexham Maelor hospital and waited nearly five hours to be seen. Given the billions of pounds we have pumped into our NHS how can this happen? And why do they not have papers and magazines for parents and toys for children?
Karen, Wrexham

Unfortunately you did not state the day and time you attended as this is usually a factor. Whilst it is true that we have invested heavily in our health service at the same time the EU imposed a maximum 48-hour week on doctors which both doubled the cost of locum cover and interfered with the continuity of patient treatment and increased the risks unnecessarily. It would appear that the situation is not going to improve any time soon and therefore you need to plan your accidents early on a weekday! (that’s a joke). 




We were most surprised to find the editorial God Vs The Bible on page 74 which questioned the intelligence of those that hold to the Christian faith. Page 73 has a guide to people’s lives according to their birth date and the whimsical thinking of astrologers but there is no debunking of their pronouncements.
John Bowgett, ‘Christian Holiday People’

Firstly I am sorry that we are unable to print your letter in full. As you will notice, we have a selection of writers who contribute to Yattar Yattar and whilst we do not always agree with the views expressed by our writers our aim is to include content that stimulates the mind and provides subjects that provoke discussion. Fortunately we live in a country where we can all express our beliefs and yours is a thoughtful and considered reply which I have gladly reproduced to give a balancing counterweight.






Can you give me advice on what computer would be the best one to buy?

Mrs Eaton, Shropshire


The short answer is ‘no’ for it depends on who will use it and where they will do so. A traditional computer is only any good if you are going to use it in one place in your home. Laptops are good if you wish to use it at home and at the office but are usually too heavy if you are out and about. Notebooks which are smaller and lighter are great for this and if all you want to do is deal with e-mails, listen to music or read a book then nothing rivals Apple’s I-pad. Buying your computer from somewhere that provides a support service is useful so that you can contact them if problems arise and as you are female be picky about the colour too!




Why is the EU giving billions away to countries that are not even members of the European Union while we are suffering huge cuts in public services?
Mr. Tranter, Chester

‘Not a lot of people know that’ as Michael Caine would say but you are absolutely correct. This is due to a little known provision to countries who aspire to join the EU.  In a 2009 report it found that the accounting was ‘riddled with irregularities and fraud’ to which the European Commission replied ‘…we believe the aid would eventually benefit the EU’ Yeah , right! We know from the MP’s expense scandal that power (in UK parliaments) corrupts and absolute power (EU parliament) corrupts absolutely. The only comfort is that our leaders seem to be less corrupt than practically anywhere else.





‘My parents keep threatening to cut me out of their will every time I do something that they disapprove of. I love them dearly but their idea as to who I should date is totally different to my own’

Abbey, Whitchurch


I am sure that they love you too but they need to remember they gave you life without conditions and should respect your right to choose your partner. Bringing your date home to meet them might help. They do have the right to spend their money, leave it to a donkey sanctuary or to you but they should not use it to blackmail you. You need to sit down with them and quietly and reasonably outline this remembering that the relationship is precious and you do not want a rift to open up between you. I know only too well the pain of losing a family!






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