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Yattar Yattar is the largest glossy lifestyle magazine covering the Shropshire, Mid Wales, North Wales and Cheshire and we are now live and online! Let Yattar Yattar export you to the digital era with past issues, searchable What's On event listings, competitions, reader letters and much more... Designed to entertain, inform, and get people talking! With lively articles, great design and superb photography, Yattar Yattar publishes stories on: Fashion, Health and Beauty, Hotels, Interiors, Upcoming Events and Shows, Property, Gardening, Food and Drink, Arts, Pets, Weddings, Restaurant Reviews,Health Advice and Legal Advice.



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Behind Closed Doors
Behind Closed Doors2015-03-05 14:48


Behind closed doors


The magnificent stately homes, manor houses, castles and abbeys scattered across our region are places of grandeur and sophistication – surely not scandal, intrigue and drama? Gill Chetcuti discovers that some of the goings on behind in high places were far more unseemly than any Downton Abbey...Read More >>

Mother's Day
Mothers Day2015-03-05 15:05

Mum’s the Word!


They protect us, care for us and love us unconditionally. They are also quite capable of embarrassing us in public, accosting us with unsolicited advice and coming at us with spitty tissues (even now!) but we love them with all our hearts, says Gill Chetcuti 



‘Oh, that’s...

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Health Myths2014-05-01 23:51

Coffee can help you lose weight.

Whilst it’s true that caffeine acts as an appetite suppressant and metabolism booster which may temporarily curb your intake, drinking...Read More >>

How to advertise with Yattar Yattar magazine
How to Advertise with Yattar Yattar2011-06-21 08:58


Click on the media pack to read all about Yattar Yattar's readers, distribution, and how our lowest cost per reader rates makes us the most...Read More >>

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