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Autumn 2011

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west-midland-safari-park-image-1-712558252Wildlife Special

The natural world and all the magnificent creatures in it drives us wild! But what can we do about the man-made threats posed on all creatures great and small. No one wants a world without wildlife – so what can we do? We met with wildlife legend and director of wildlife for West Midland Safari Park, Bob Lawrence, to find out more BY CAZZ JONES



The barefoot doctor

This autumn Lynne puts the sole back into living without shoes and explains why the twelve-month barefoot challenge isn’t stuck in the mud just yet!

After a summer packed with piglets, (my three little pet pigs had 24 piglets between them!) bees, landscaping, stone engraving and Labyrinth creating -- my ‘barefoot’ project has been on the ‘back foot’ a little more than one would have liked. I started the beginning of the year striding out unshodden and determined to spend as much time as possible shoe-loose and fancy free in an attempt to harden the soles of my feet for the ‘Trees for Cities Tree-Athlon’. This would be my first attempt at a world record-breaking barefoot run in London in September.



Whizzard's in flight!

GTOYZ001Whizzard Helicopters

What would it take to get Nigel Davies airborne? We sent him to Welshpool to find out.

How many of us have peered out of the window of a plane as it whisks us away and tried to spot a landmark all those thousands of feet below – and failed. I know I have – but help is at hand, courtesy of Whizzard Helicopters based at the Mid Wales Airport, near Welshpool! I was spoilt for choice when I visited, with spectacular flights over Snowdonia, Manchester and mid Wales on offer, covering some of the most spectacular landscapes in the country.



Halloween Events!

cid_EBCB4619-6E9A-40F1-9183-8DDD210AC20ASSG-140The best Halloween Happenings in your area!


Trick or treat? Most of us grown-ups would obviously opt for the latter, which is why Yattar Yattar has gone to the trouble of relieving you of any unwanted surprises this Halloween. Sit back, relax and pin-point the Halloween event for you and your little terrors – and let the haunting begin...



Halloween Hauntings

DSC02314Halloween Hauntings


Terrifying trails and gruesome tales – there’s no shortage of haunting halloween events this October. But how much truth is there in the tales of ghosts and evil spirits that abound in our older properties – and are you brave enough to find out?


This Halloween you have the chance to experience some spine-chilling thrills at some of our most hauntingly atmospheric houses and castles. From terrifying trails and spooky storytelling to fearsome face painting and frightening fancy dress, there’s something to give the whole family the jitters.



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